Mauricio Dicochea

Senior Performance Coach

Coach Mo was born in Gilbert, Arizona before moving to Texas during the summer of 2008. He did most of his growing up in Austin, Texas where he played high school basketball and enjoyed the downtown area of South Austin before moving out to Colorado in 2015 where he received his Bachelors in Health Sciences: Strength and Conditioning from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Throughout his time in school, he worked many internships where he gathered experience training athletes of all ages and sports. After graduating he worked for Performance Course where he continued to gain knowledge and experience from various coaches.

Coach Mo then joined Athlete Training and Health in January of 2023 looking to find a home where he could “help build a community”. Mo works with just about every group of athletes that comes through ATH and loves creating new relationships with athletes of all ages. He lives in the Plano area with his fiance and dog Daisy, he enjoys being outdoors with his dog, swimming, and learning how to golf. Stop by and say hello, he is very friendly!

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