Pushing yourself to a new performance plane requires the mental and physical rigors of a champion with the coaching support to match.

Performance for college and professional athletes means more than excelling in competition, it is about adopting an elite lifestyle and training for it. ATH has trained world-class athletes to prepare for the world’s biggest stages, including college playoffs, the Olympics and even the Super Bowl. Next Level ATHletes should be able to commit to train five days a week for roughly two hours of training each day.

Training Emphasis

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Daily Focus

Modules centered on acceleration, agility, velocity, and directional change

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Seasonal Support

Pre- and inter-seasonal training prepares athletes for elite competition

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Recovery and Health

Rest, refuel and recover your body to perform at its greatest potential

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1:1 Training

Personal attention with expert ATH coaches


College Prep
Preparation is the key to success. Signed seniors and athletes who aspire to walk on university teams build upon a solid foundation with training in advance of seasonal collegiate competition.

The rigors of college athletics requires on- and off-season training and support. Compliment collegiate training with generalized and sport-specific modules for collegiate athletes.

Competition has never been healthier for elite and professional athletes. Longer training sessions focus on the specific health and training needs of athletes who compete at the highest level of their sport.

Combine/Pro Day
Athletes training for combine, university pro day, or a professional/elite team tryout. Athletes focus primarily on sports-specific skills and NFL Combine drills.

1:1 Training
Personalized attention for athletic achievement. All Next Level ATHletes may choose to train privately with a desired ATH coach for more individualized training needs.

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Process & Support

The NEXT Level ATHlete evaluation and performance reports are designed to assess each athlete’s unique characteristics. Pre- and post-testing in the area of jump, sprint, strength and power development is tracked and monitored through performance reporting. For pro day and combine training, athletes will perform and be evaluated on NFL Combine drills: 40yd Dash, Bench Press, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, 3 Cone Drill, Shuttle Run (5-10-5).

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