Rebuild Athlete

Post Rehab Return to Play Training for All Athletes

Post Rehab Return to Play Training for All Athletes


Sports Medicine Meets Sports Performance

The life of an athlete has its ups and downs. When you are down with an injury, ATH is there to help you get back up performing with optimal health and injury prevention in mind.

Rebuild ATHlete caters to the needs of any athlete returning to physical activity after acute injury rehabilitation who demonstrate efficient movements patterns without significant acute pain. The Rebuild ATHlete program is designed in collaboration with an integrated team of sports medicine professionals who analyze the extent of an athlete’s injury and devise a personalized rehabilitation program to improve the odds of them returning to their chosen sport with full mobility at their best performance level.

RTP (Return to Play) Oversight Training
With guidance and programming from ATH coaches, athletes can train at their own time and pace with supervision during open gym hours. The same holistic, health-centered approach is applied to programming in a more flexible setting.

1:1 Rebuild Training
Injuries are personal and require knowledge and understanding of the athlete’s physical health and potential. ATH coaches offer personalized training to address the unique needs of athletes with long-term injuries or those who are working through their prescribed rehab program.

Referral & Evaluation
Athletes are referred to the Rebuild program by surgeons, physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, strength and conditioning specialists or school coaches. The ATHlete Evaluation is designed to assess and screen for basic movement and function; progressing to power through various jumps, sprints and agility tests; determining overall ability to tolerate fatigue and accumulate load through external resistance.

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