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Company Overview

Our mission is to provide a world-class training environment for athletes and adults of all fitness levels utilizing learnings from our scientific research in human performance. Our forward-thinking approach to collaborate with hospital systems, professional sports teams, universities and independent school districts is setting new standards for health and performance training. We invest heavily in the post-graduate education of our coaches, who in turn develop evidence-led training programs that are guaranteed to deliver sustainable results. Our state-of-the-art facilities feature best-in-class turf fields, pro-style weight rooms and cutting-edge technology to exceed the needs of our athletes, communities and healthcare partners.


Job Description

As an entry level Performance Coach, your primary role will be geared towards “hands-on” coaching experience of Student and Forever athlete populations. Assisting and observation opportunities will be available for Next Level, Rebuild and Team athlete populations, and as experience grows, performance coaches may be given additional responsibility within other training programs. A major educational component of a performance coach is completing the athlete training and health mentorship program developed in partnership with Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand (AUT) and other leading experts in the field. The successful candidate will be continuously evaluated on their education content and development of leadership skills. A summary of the mentorship curriculum can be found on page 2-3. Although coaching is the primary emphasis of the mentorship, performance coach additional responsibilities include:

  • Assisting all athletes in the training center to achieve their physical and psychological goals.
  • Performing one-to-one, small group and team evaluations, interpreting the results and prescribing training guideline recommendations.
  • Providing input and feedback to senior coaches to ensure athletes are working towards their goals.
  • Providing constant dialogue through face-to-face, phone and email with athletes to ensure they are engaged towards their goals.
  • Availability to participate in various client engagement and educational activities and events with company partners.
  • Reporting various metrics to operations, such as attendance, engagement, outreach efforts, and activity level.
  • Leading and participating in staff education specifically the ATH internship and mentorship.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Breakdown of Role

  • Coaching (60-70%) – On training floor
  • Administration (10%) – Collection, reporting, measurement
  • Product Development (10-15%) – Programming, research, development
  • Staff Education (10-15%) – Mentorship curriculum



Qualification and Experience:

  • BA/BS – Exercise science, sports science, kinesiology or health-related degree.
    • Preferred Master’s degree in exercise science, sports science, kinesiology or health-related field.
  • Minimum of 1-2 years coaching experience including at least 1 structured internship.
  • Competency to judge exercises and use discretion in the development of exercise prescription.
  • Strong level of IT skills to use various applications, technologies and software ranging from administrative (Microsoft office) to sporting technologies and software.


Personal Attributes:

  • Dynamic personality: industrious, enthusiastic, adaptable and humble.
  • High personal standards of health and fitness that reflect one’s lifestyle habits and command the respect of co-workers and athletes.
  • Good communication and relationship building skills, ability to work in a team environment.
  • Open to personal development and growth through lifelong learning initiatives, both as a student and in teaching others. Ability to multitask; goal-oriented and self-directed.


Personal Circumstances:

  • The successful candidate must be willing to work extended hours including early morning, evening and some Saturdays.
  • The successful candidate must have authorization to work within the USA.


Mentorship Employment Term: 

  • 18 months beginning January 2022 with option to extend for up to 12 months subject to performance.



  • Send your resume and cover letter to Applications will remain open until filled and the successful candidate should be willing to start January 2022.

Auckland University of Technology – SPRINZ

The Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand (SPRINZ) is New Zealand’s number one rated sports research institute with a growing global reputation. SPRINZ is a group of dynamic and innovative researchers producing applied research in improving human health, sports performance and long-term athletic development. Each research group collectively contributes to the ever-expanding research, education and industry engagement, offering a collaborative approach to improved performance for the sport and recreation sector.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to apply for enrollment within ATH’s partner university to undertake postgraduate studies (Masters or PhD) as an applied performance coach upon completion of the Mentorship program based upon performance. Postgraduate studies are completed via research by publication. ATH will fund one third of all tuition costs for all applied performance coaches and provide extended PTO (mission days) for offsite data collection, analysis and study related activity at the discretion of the Senior Director of Athletic Performance. Employment will be renewed as long as the applied performance coach is in good standing with both ATH and AUT. Postgraduate scholarships and contract renewals are done on an interview basis. More information available at


ATH Mentorship Curriculum Overview:

The Athlete Training and Health Certified (ATH-C) Mentorship program is an entry-level full-time paid position that exposes coaches to real world coaching experience across a wide variety of athletes, while being enrolled in structured education through 12 monthly modules. The performance coach will learn to bridge the gap between theory and practice through evidence-based lectures with self-directed learning, collaboration and practical application. Guest lectures are led internally by ATH coaches and externally by experts in the field via video conferencing. The Mentorship program is broken into four parts;


Part 1 – Coaching ATHletes (August – November)

All performance coaches will complete the Athlete Training and Health – Certified (ATH-C) internship during part 1 of the ATH-C mentorship. Even if the performance coach has previously completed this internship they will do so again but will be exempt from specific assignments and tasked with additional administrative pedagogical related activities in order to prepare them for teaching the internship during Part 2 of the mentorship. The ATH-C internship consists of 3 modules designed to develop the coach practically, theoretically and professionally to effectively represent an ATH coach. More detailed information related to the ATH-C internship can be found on the ATH website.


Part 2 – Building Stronger ATHletes (December – February)

During part 2 of the mentorship, coach education will focus primarily on strength-related components of athletic performance. Performance coaches should effectively be able to evaluate and plan training across all 5 of ATH’s training strands and demonstrate correct periodization strategies dependent on the level of athlete to enhance athletic performance in a safe and effective manner.


Part 3 – Developing Faster ATHletes (March – May)

During part 3 of the mentorship, coach education will focus on elements relating to plyometrics, linear and multidirectional speed. Performance coaches should be able to assess and develop linear and multi-directional speed through application of proper exercise strategies (cueing, strength, mechanics, etc.) to address individualized deficiencies.


Part 4 – Programming 24 Hour ATHletes (June – August)

During part 4 of the mentorship, coach education will focus on integrating all previous areas of the mentorship into an annual periodized plan. Performance coaches will be assisted by senior coaches in completing a comprehensive training plan for an athlete or team of their choice.

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