Our mission is to utilize best practices from scientific research in human performance to provide a world-class training environment for athletes and adults of all fitness levels.

Our forward-thinking approach to collaboration with hospital systems, professional sports teams, universities and independent school districts is setting new standards for health and performance training. We invest heavily in the post-graduate education of our coaches, who in turn develop evidence-led training programs that are guaranteed to deliver sustainable results. Our state-of-the-art facilities feature best-in-class turf fields, pro-style weight rooms and cutting edge technology to exceed the needs of our athletes, communities and healthcare partners.

Student Athlete


From elementary school sports training to enhancing the skills of today’s competitive high school athletes, ATH’s athletic performance training fits the specific needs of growing bodies ages 8-18 in a fun and safe environment where young student athletes can achieve their personal best.

  • Train for speed, strength and agility
  • Complement club programs
  • High school sport training
  • Sports training for middle school
  • Based on developmental and training age
  • Focus on health, safety and performance
  • Progress regularly measured for goal setting

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Forever Athlete

Adult Fitness for Every Body

Group HIIT, strength conditioning and boot camp-style classes designed to improve overall health, movement quality, body composition and strength in healthy adults 18+.

  • Suitable for all ages and abilities
  • Personalized training approach
  • Evidence-lead training by expert coaches
  • Flexible times to fit busy schedules
  • Inspiring and supportive environment
  • Baseline assessment available

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Next Level Athlete

College/Pro/Combine/Prep & Training

Rigorous elite-style training for college-prep, collegiate, pro-prep and professional athletes in all sports to prepare for seasonal play and competition.

  • Group fitness and personal training
  • Prep for aspiring professional athletes
  • Off-season, pre-season, elite pro-day and combine training
  • Health and nutritional support
  • Complements existing training

Rebuild Athlete

Return to Play Injury Recovery

Personalized return to play training for athletes of all ages returning to physical activity after sports injuries, chronic or acute injury rehabilitation.

  • Supervised open-gym or 1:1 fitness training
  • Training by experts in sports science
  • Personalized path to sports rehabilitation
  • Return to optimal performance
  • Collaboration with medical specialists, sports medicine and physical therapy

Team Athlete

Comprehensive Team Training Support

Performance training and athletic development to enhance and augment school/club team training in a variety of sports.

  • Customizable programs for all sports
  • Student training program
  • Close ATH collaboration with coaches
  • Personalized path to rehabilitation
  • On- and off-site training support available
  • Health and wellness support
  • Specific team Performance testing available


Learn training fundamentals, participate in fun games, accept new challenges and understand more about health and sports nutrition.

  • Open to ATH athletes and non-members
  • Learn from professional athletes
  • Fun, encouraging environment for all
  • Seasonal focus on a variety of sports


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