Rob Tapia

Senior Performance Coach - Forever ATHlete

My name is Rob Tapia and I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have been working in the health and fitness setting for close to 14 years. My background is primarily in CrossFit, weightlifting and individual training. I earned a B.S. in Exercise Science from the University of New Mexico, an M.S. in General Physical Education from the University of New Mexico and am currently working towards completing my MBA with a concentration in Operations Management. I have been fortunate enough to work with people from all walks of life and age demographics from high-level fitness athletes working to accomplish specific performance goals, to individuals that are eager to maintain their general strength and fitness to live healthier lives. I am eager to begin working with all of the athletes here at ATH’s Forever ATHlete program and am looking forward to helping everyone accomplish their health and fitness goals.

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