Noah Hopp

Performance Coach

Noah was born in Chicago and moved to Katy at the age of 8. He grew up playing all sports including basketball, soccer, baseball, football, track, and tennis but hockey has always been his primary focus. He played varsity hockey and travel hockey for the Houston Wild 18UAA program. Noah graduated from East Texas Baptist University in 2022 with his Bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitative Science while playing hockey and lacrosse.

Noah attended physical therapy school at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston after graduating ETBU. He discontinued the program in his second semester after realizing this career was not the best fit for his passion and purpose in training. Despite the appearance of this setback, Noah is building upon his starting knowledge of rehabilitation, combining his previous collegiate hockey and lacrosse training experiences, and transferring his passion for fitness over to a career as a Sports Performance Coach with Athlete Training and Health. He currently holds his Personal Trainer Certification with the International Sports Sciences Association. Noah seeks to grow his knowledge in sports science and perfect his coaching skills with the master’s program in Sports Performance through the Graduate Mentorship position at Athlete Training and Health.

Noah has been training for hockey since his sophomore year of high school through team and personal workouts. Since his start with hockey training, Noah has challenged himself with training goals of gaining muscle strength, size, and body mass. He also has experience with a training focus of gaining muscle strength, size, and losing body fat. Noah has a passion for working with athletes of all ages and he is especially excited to inspire the next generation of athletes. Noah loves to try different workout styles and exercises to expand his knowledge and provide the best personal coaching experience possible. He has a daily focus of maximizing the potential of every athlete by pushing them through their limits, creating an engaging training experience, and connecting each athlete with their goals and purpose. In his free time, Noah enjoys cooking, playing roller hockey and basketball, and spending quality time with family and friends.

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