John Cronin

Chief Science Officer

John Cronin, from Tauranga, Bay of Plenty NZ, joined Athlete Training and Health (ATH) in 2022, as Chief Science Officer. John is a Professor in Strength and Conditioning at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and is founder of an online education platform www.professorjohncronin.com.  John has a focus on providing scientific expertise, research and education to support ATH’s staff and programs.

John has been in education his entire life having taught 5-12 year olds initially, then taught secondary school PE and maths for 5 years, spending the last 25+ years in tertiary education. John has always had a passion for making people stronger and faster and coached many elite teams and athletes. These days he spends most of his time training the trainers. 

Another significant part of his role is with AUT Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand.  Here he leads the Strength and Conditioning and Sport Technology research groups. His research interests are in human movement, particularly around strengthening of muscle, injury resistance, return to play, high-performance sports and sport technology. John has published over 400 peer reviewed journal articles and supervised 40 PhD and 40 Masters students to completion. John has a number of industry roles, the position with ATH especially important given the partnership between both organisations.

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