Damany Taylor

Athletic Performance Director

Damany joined Athlete Training and Health as a Performance Coach in the Fall of 2020. He works with the Student ATHlete group to improve their athletic ability while helping them reach their full potential in and out of our facilities. Prior to joining the full-time coaching staff he was determined to be involved with youth athletes and had the opportunity to intern with ATH in the Spring of 2020.

After completing his undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at Texas Tech University he obtained his Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification and began his career as a personal trainer where he programmed for a variety of clients whose goals included FBI fitness assessment prep, military prep and numerous weight loss clients.

Damany loves the value ATH places on knowledge and proven results, which made the transition to the performance coach role seamless. As one of ATH’s performance coaches, his goal is to add to the team a fun and competitive environment while also challenging athletes mentally and physically to maximize their abilities.

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