Alex Sanchez

Performance Coach

I am Alejandro but everyone calls me Alex and I am a native Houstonian. I have a passion for accelerating performance at any stage of life. Due to that, I was motivated to pursue a Master of Applied Arts in Sport & Performance Psychology as motivation, resiliency, and change all start with a strong mental foundation. We all have a choice in choosing how we progress and it is my hope to instill that into others so they may perform at their best. I have worked with collegiate teams, law enforcement, youth/adolescent athletes, and used to be a Head Swim Coach under USA Swimming. In addition to that, I have also trained individuals for recreational and competitive activities like clubs, Ironman, etc. Two quotes I resonate strongly with are “Challenge the comfort, and comfort the challenged” & “Igne Natura Renovatur Integra” which translates to “through fire, nature is reborn whole.” Both have similar meanings in my opinion, as we all face challenges that may hinder or distraught us, but it is through the process that we grow and become stronger.

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