Athlete Training and Health Appoints Leading International Performance and Sports Science Expert to Bring Elite Training to Athletes of All Levels

Micheál Cahill, PhD Candidate, is driving the company’s vision to provide evidence-led sports performance with an athlete-centered, coach-driven approach


Dallas, Texas, April 25, 2019 – Athlete Training and Health (ATH) today announced the appointment of Micheál Cahill as Vice President of Performance and Sports Science for the rapidly growing company. www.athletetrainingandhealth.com Cahill brings a significant amount of credentials to the position, including a PhD from one of the world’s top ranking sports performance institutes, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.


“Micheál shares our mission to be at the forefront of sports performance by offering a holistic approach that includes physical preparation, along with an emphasis on sleep, nutritional habits and overall health and wellness,” said ATH Chief Strategy Officer Danny Cooper. “At ATH, we believe everybody is an athlete capable of reaching their personal best with the help of a highly-skilled educated coach who is committed to their success.”


Cahill leads ATH’s program philosophy and is developing evidence-led training specific to student, collegiate, professional, adult, team and rebuild/injury recovery athletes. He has already made significant strides by establishing a one-of-a-kind professional development plan for each individual ATH coach and is leading the integration of services between hospital, academic and professional team partnerships. 


“My goal is to move away from philosophies based on sweat science to applied sports science to ensure continual improvement and development of all athletes,” said Cahill. “Any coach can make an athlete sweat physically, however that does not make you a good coach. At ATH, we are developing coaches who understand this shift, can rationalize everything they do in a pre-planned environment and, ultimately, instill change in every athlete.”


ATH has three levels of coach education within the company, the internship, mentorship and leadership curriculums. Established by Cahill using the advanced learnings from Aukland, each education track is designed to continuously improve coaches’ skillsets used to develop athletes, as well as their own professional growth.


About ATH


Athlete Training + Health (ATH) believes everyone is an athlete and is on a mission to provide elite performance training services for professional, collegiate, high school and youth athletes. Regardless of age or ability, ATH’s highly-skilled coaches aim to instill training strategies that elevate athletes’ performance to the highest level through consistent evaluation and education. A key component at ATH is its forward-thinking approach to collaboration with hospital systems, professional sports teams, universities and independent school districts to raise the bar for health and performance training. Learn more at www.athletetrainingandhealth.com.


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