Neil McMillan

Athletic Performance Manager
North Houston

Neil hails from Belfast, Northern Ireland and has been with the company since 2016. He serves as an Athletic Performance Manager in North Houston. He is responsible for all strands of training delivered in North Houston as well as overseeing the internship and performance coach education and the growth and relationships with partner affiliates, corporate wellness and sports teams.

Neil is a former professional Rugby player with a 12-year career behind him. Beginning in 2000, he has played in the English Premiership, Pro 12 league and European Championships. He has represented Ireland in international rugby competitions across the globe, and had the opportunity to work some of the world’s best players, coaches and medical staff. Here in the US, Neil has won two National Rugby Championship titles with the New York Athletic Club and later teamed up with the USA Eagles as a strength and conditioning coach in preparation for the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Neil’s experience in professional rugby developed a solid foundation in leadership, teamwork, discipline and education. His professional experience drove him to inspire and assist others to reach their health, fitness and lifestyle goals to achieve success. For example, Neil mentored at the West Point Military Academy summer program in New York and led Fordham Preparatory Rugby to the New York state finals as head coach.

Beyond rugby, health and fitness is a massive component of Neil’s life, eventually driving him to obtain qualifications as a personal trainer.

In 2013, Neil and two additional coaches created a strength and conditioning company called City Athlete in New York, catered to corporate wellness training, small group and individual adult and youth fitness. Since moving to Texas in 2016, he has gone through the ranks at ATH from strength coach to Director of Training systems, and continues to promote the positive culture of ATH.
While growing with ATH, Neil has kept his connection with rugby, currently as a coach with the Houston Athletic Rugby Club.