Dr. MicheáL Cahill

Chief Performance Officer

Dr. Micheál Cahill, a native of Limerick, Ireland is currently the Chief Performance Officer at Athlete Training and Health and is responsible for the training philosophy within all locations in addition to overseeing the day to day integration of a multidisciplinary sports performance, sports medicine and research team focusing on applied human performance to create a more holistic model of health and performance through collaboration with large hospitals entities.

Micheál also works with select athletes across a broad range of sports guiding multiple areas of their training such as sleep, recovery and strength and conditioning. Previously Micheál has worked in various full-time and consultancy roles with multiple sports organizations and athletes around the world. He currently collaborates with universities and professional sporting organizations around the world through ATH’s network of applied human performance affiliates to advise on best practice through evidence-led strategies and embedded postgraduate practical research initiatives. 

Micheál completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Health, Fitness and Leisure and Sports Performance respectively. He obtained his PhD at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand focusing on acceleration and resisted sprinting in youth adolescents. His current research interests include factors related to linear and multi-directional speed and the influence of strength, speed and power on youth athletes of varying maturation. He is currently a research associate with Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand and Cardiff Metropolitan University, Wales in which he supervises and advises sports science research worldwide.  Micheál resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife, Jenny, and their two sons, Stephen and Jay.

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