Christopher Murcek

Membership Sales Associate

Christopher Murcek, born and raised in Irving, Texas, joined Athlete Training and Health in March of 2023 looking for a change of environment and hoping to be a part of a more supportive community to encourage his growth in health both mentally and physically. He is attending Collin College in pursuit of knowledge of Computer Science. Chris showed athletic interest growing up but didn’t get to join athletics courses because of familial poverty so he instead pursued work to further his business and interpersonal skills alongside his classmates, owning a small business developing websites for other small businesses owned by those in his community that don’t speak English. He began in the hotel industry during COVID in 2020 and was quickly promoted to department manager in 2021, hosting business and social events in a mission to make as many long-term connections as he was capable of. Until, eventually, he could leave hospitality to rejoin his pursuit of health and medical knowledge through the wonderful environment of Athlete Training and Health.

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