Brandon Dawkins

Performance Coach

Brandon – originally from Chicago, Illinois, and raised in Dallas,Texas – joined Athlete Training and Health in the Fall of 2021 as an Applied Performance Coach, where he will be pursuing his Masters. Brandon attended Rice University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology, sports medicine and sports management with a minor in business. As a member of the Rice Football team, Brandon went to three bowl games at Left Tackle while being a member of the Commissioner’s Honor Roll. After graduation Brandon worked primarily in Neurocognitive research, publishing peer-reviewed papers on age-related cognitive decline and traumatic brain injuries, and cognitive performance over time. This research was used primarily in the development of the mobile cognitive assessments, clinical decision support, and cognitive care management for a first of its kind mobile diagnostic application. After spending time as a personal trainer, as a volunteer for NCAA events, and with the Texans, Brandon is excited to settle down at ATH-Katy and better every athlete in the building with his two favorite catch phrases “Working out is fun! Embrace the Suck!” and “Work! Hard Work!”

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