Blake Duncan

Performance Coach

Blake joined ATH in spring 2022, prior to joining ATH Blake worked with student athletes from elementary age to college athletes. Blake played 2 seasons of college football at the NAIA level at Sterling College in Sterling, Kansas before earning his B.S. in Kinesiology and Minor in Hea;th Promotion from the University of North Texas. During his time at North Texas he worked for Performance Course coaching strength and conditioning for various sports at numerous schools in the north Texas area. Blake also completed an internship in the summer of 2019 with the SMU human performance staff working with the football team. Blake is currently pursuing a certified strength and conditioning specialist certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CSCS). After his football career came to an end, Blake began competing in olympic weightlifting sanctioned through the United States of America Weightlifting Association, and was able to compete at the 2019 University Nationals in Las Vegas. In his free time Blake enjoys going to the dog park with his chocolate lab Doc, watching football, hockey, and spending time outdoors.

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