Individual Athlete Development and Performance Training for Elite Athletes

Elite Athlete Performance Training

For elite athletes, being the best doesn’t end when the whistle blows or the clock hits zero. It’s a mentality hard-wired into an elite athlete’s brain, the same one that drives us at Athlete Training and Health – focusing on the full experience.


Our world-class training centers and coaches partner with leading healthcare organizations and sports medicine, performance research and nutrition experts. And our system fits you, because it’s tailored for you, and your evolving needs.


Grinding it out. Not harder. Smarter.


At Athlete Training and Health, competition has never been healthier, because our system takes care of the overall health of each athlete who passes through our doors and trains with our expert coaches. Precision, perseverance, performance. Science and stats, plus sweat.

We train collegiate athletes to help them compete in conferences across the country, including:

  • Big 12
  • SEC
  • ACC

Our Training Programs

We create customized, comprehensive training programs to help athletes excel, from varsity to collegiate to pro levels. We provide elite programs, elite coaches and an elite training center where our collegiate athletes train alongside other college and pro athletes.




Comprehensive Process

  • Strength training is just a start – we incorporate agility, speed training, technique, balance and more to continually target areas that need improvement
  • Rest and recovery are important for an athlete’s development, and through our collaboration with healthcare leaders, we bring science to the system
  • Our team incorporates diet and nutrition into your unique plan, giving you a holistic training regimen

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