ATH Experience


Who can participate?

This free event can be run for any team, school, organization, weekend warrior group, or emergency responders.

**We will modify the experience for your specific group.**


Event Layout:

Each family will be given a walk through of our human performance training center and will be shown the typical day of an ATH athlete. We will guide you through the warm-up area, the 50y long indoor turf house, and our pro-level weight room equipped with Keiser Pneumatic resistance systems. You will be able to meet and talk with the ATH team that will play a role in your athlete’s development.


We ask that every athlete who trains with us at ATH complete a performance evaluation prior to starting a membership, which allows for a full service of care and program planning for each individual. Once we evaluate our athletes we discuss the results and help set specific goals for each individual, which ensures we place them in the proper program to achieve their goals.


After the evaluation each athlete will go through a modified training session based off his or her level as shown during the evaluation process. The training session will mirror a typical training session so the athlete can get a feeling for what they will experience during their membership at ATH.


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