Training Approach

To Be The Best Athlete, You Need A System Built Specifically For You

Being an athlete doesn’t end when you leave the court or the field – or when the season comes to a close. It doesn’t end when you leave the gym either. And it’s that mentality that drives us at Athlete Training and Health – focusing on the full experience of being an athlete.


Athletes become the greatest versions of themselves when they set out to break their personal bests. Unlocking the secrets through science and stats. Hard work and determination.


Grinding it out. Not harder. Smarter.


Our system fits you, because it’s tailored for you, and your evolving needs.


At Athlete Training and Health, competition has never been healthier, because our system cares about the overall health of each athlete that passes through our door, and trains with our expert coaches. Precision, perseverance, performance. Science and stats, plus sweat.


We evaluate each athlete, educate them, then elevate. We work hard so each of our athletes meets and exceeds their individualized goals.

Comprehensive Athlete Performance System

Using science and analytics, we design a program around you, combining fitness and performance with sports medicine and wellness

Comprehensive Process

  • Strength training is just a start – we incorporate agility, speed training, technique, balance and more to continually target the areas that need improvement


  • Rest and recovery are important for an athlete’s development, and through our collaboration with healthcare systems, we bring science to the system


  • Our team brings diet and nutrition into your unique plan, giving you a holistic training regimen


  • Professional training and health coaching


  • Access to our sports medicine team of physical therapists, athletic trainers and affiliated physicians


  • Team of sports nutritionists, exercise physiologists, strength & conditioning professionals and biomechanists focused on performance and health

Training Center

  • Pro-level training environment


  • State-of-the-art indoor turf and outdoor fields


  • Pneumatic resistance equipment from Keiser, the leader in human performance equipment

Collaborations & Affiliates

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Athlete Training Programs

We train middle school, high school, college, professional and adult amateur athletes.

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